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What is the Best Way to Clean Fabric Upholstery?

You take great pride in maintaining your home and ensure that your furnishings are vacuumed weekly to remove dirt, grime, crumbs from food, and pet fur and dander. But over time, you realize that this cleaning method is simply not enough to keep your upholstered furniture looking fresh and bright. Perhaps at times you’ve noticed food, beverage, or even grass and/or “mystery” stains on the cushions and or armrests and know it is time for a deeper cleaning service. When you are researching upholstery cleaning in NYC, save yourself a lot of time and effort. Take the recommendations of your neighbors and friends and contact Winzer Cleaners to ask about our upholstery cleaning process.

Do not feel bad about having an outside service come and clean your upholstery. We all have families and know that as a consequence, even the most frequently cleaned residence can have furnishings that, unless properly maintained, can start to look worn and even shabby before their time. In fact, many households opt to extend the service life of their upholstered furniture by having every piece thoroughly cleaned a couple of times a year, more often if there are pets or a smoker in the house. When you want the best in upholstery cleaning in NYC, you want to call Winzer Cleaners and ask about our deep cleaning upholstery services.

The key words here are “deep clean”. Your weekly initiative using your vacuum is a great start, but the type of treatments you can perform at home generally are not sufficient to freshen your home furnishing’s fabrics. Deep cleaning processes remove build-ups such as body oil, pipe, cigar, cigarette smoke, bacteria, and pet odors which can work into the fibers of your upholstery. These odors will linger and cannot be removed by vacuuming alone. When you call Winzer Cleaners, we’ll discuss what upholstered pieces need to be cleaned, how many you have, and how many rooms are affected.

When our professionals arrive at your appointment, we’ll bring our equipment to perform what is known as a hot water extraction process. Our machines inject hot water and cleaning solution into the upholstery fibers to not only dislodge and dissolve dirt particles but also to sanitize the fabrics. Any debris is removed by a powerful vacuum which will not damage fabrics, and leaves the upholstery nearly dry and smelling fresh and clean.

Winzer Cleaners does not only provide the best upholstery cleaning in NYC, but also curtain, drapery, carpet, and area rug cleaning as well. If our professionals are already scheduled to clean your upholstery, you might want to opt for some or all of these additional services to be performed at the same time, for a completely clean home you’ll be very proud of. If you prefer, and just want your area rugs and or draperies cleaned, another option is to have our truck come by and pick these items up, clean them at our premises, and return them to you in pristine condition. Whatever services you choose, you’ve already made the best decision to maintain the investment you’ve made in your upholstered furnishings by contacting Winzer Cleaners. For more information, contact us today!