Theatrical Costumes & Mascots

Winzer Has had a VERY Long Run

Winzer has had a longer run on Broadway than any stage show or any cleaner.

In Service Since 1908

We’ve specialized in providing the surety of quality and quick turn around time that a hit Broadway show demands. From intricate period costumes for a cast of hundreds, to a casual outfit for a one man show, Winzer and wardrobe mistresses have been working together for almost one hundred years to make certain that when the show goes on, the cast is dressed their best!

The same unique sets of skills and expertise that make us the preeminent costume cleaner, enable us to clean the most challenging of mascot costumes that other cleaners shy away from or demand  a signed release of responsibility before they’ll process it.

The master staff at Winzer Cleaners specializes in the unusual, the unique and even the bizarre!  We welcome your challenges – we’ve got the solution!