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Caring For Silk

Ahh... Silk

It’s beautiful but fragile.

It’s dyes are delicate and require extreme care when handling.

The finishing is required to be done by hand, and only by craftsman who are trained, skilled and experienced in the proper care for fine fabrics. Buttons and trim must be removed prior to processing in order to protect the silk fibers from possible damage. Pre-testing is required to determine which stain removal agents to use, which processing method is best suited,  and what temperatures and techniques are safe to use in the finishing process.

The Old World style experts at Winzer Cleaners

Know the best ways to handle all fine fabrics and couture designs, including the ones made from silk. You can trust Winzer with your most treasured garments, no matter what fabric it’s made from or how intricate the design. We guarantee your satisfaction. At Winzer Cleaners we treat your garments as if they were our own.