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Invisible Stains

There Really Is Such a Thing as an Invisible Stain

The only way to keep invisible stains from becoming permanent, is to bring them in for stain removal and cleaning FAST!

Simple Exposure

Just as a cut apple is open and exposed to the air will discolor over time, stains that are not immediately apparent (for example, a coffee stain that you wipe off and think “Oh good, it didn’t stain”) will eventually oxidize.  This staining is the result from either  exposure to the air or from the processing heat involved in cleaning and finishing.

The only way to keep these “invisible” stains from becoming permanent, is to have them professionally dry cleaned as soon as possible.

We Take Into Account Everything

Be sure to tell us about the stain – what it is and when it happend. That will help our stain removal experts in their treatment and increase the chances of complete removal. The master staff at Winzer are experts in all areas of stain removal – both the glaringly visible and the invisible as well… You can have confidence in us.

If we can not remove the stain, no one can!