Leather, Suede, Fur & Shearling

Leather and suede is more than only animal skin

Similar to human skin, animal skins can have imperfections - scars, stretch marks, insect bites, etc.
Understanding their unique qualities is the key for professional dry cleaning providers.

Ernest Winzer Cleaners informs consumers that leathers are subject to outside environmental influences that can greatly effect the qualities of these expensive garments. Winzer has been cleaning leathers and suede since the 60’s. In caring for your leather garments, we recommend the following:


Never store them in plastic coverings.


Never put an adhesive name badge on a leather garment.


If wet, let the garment dry naturally in a cool, dry place. Never place it near a heat source.


Always use a padded hanger.

We are members of the Leather Apparel Association and are among an elite group of professional leather cleaners recommended on their website. We’ve specialized in leather cleaning for over 40 years, and have the expertise, state of the art equipment and professional training necessary to provide you with the best and safest leather cleaning and restoration service in the nation.