Leather, Suede, Fur & Shearling Dry Cleaning

Leather and suede is more than only animal skin

Similar to human skin, animal skin can have imperfections - scars, stretch marks, insect bites, etc. Understanding their unique qualities is the key for professional dry cleaning providers.


First used by ancient man as a means to keep warm, for centuries along with fur, leather, and suede garments have been considered the height of luxury. While each hide is carefully selected prior to cutting and fashioning into upscale clothing, similar to human skin, animal skins can have imperfections – scars, stretch marks, insect bites, etc. Understanding and assessing the unique qualities of each and every leather and suede garment is the key for professional dry cleaning providers. When your fur, leather, or suede garment requires care, there is no need to search for “fur dry cleaners near me” or “suede dry cleaners near me”. The one name you need to know is ours: Winzer Cleaners.

When you bring your garments fashioned from hides to our premises, we will quickly review each with care. At Ernest Winzer Cleaners, we want our clients to understand that leathers are subject to outside environmental influences that can greatly affect the qualities of these expensive garments. Winzer has been cleaning leathers and suede since the 60s. In caring for your leather garments, we recommend the following:


Never store them in plastic coverings:

suede and leather must be allowed to breathe. Encasing a garment made from hides in plastic will shorten its service life.

Never put an adhesive name badge on a leather garment:

Adhesive is nearly impossible to remove from dyed garments without removing the color. While steps can be taken to remediate faded and worn leather and suede, the best solution is to prevent the issue entirely. When offered a name badge at a gathering, attach to a pocket scarf or non-leather handbag instead of any garment fashioned from hides.

If wet, let the garment dry naturally in a cool, dry place. Never place it near a heat source:

This is an easy mistake to make yet very expensive, if not impossible, to alleviate. If caught in a downpour, allow your soggy garment to dry naturally in a guest bathroom that does not see daily use. This way, no steam from a shower will further impact the condition. Once fully dry, bring your garment to Winzer Cleaners immediately to consult with our leather and suede experts regarding the best next steps to take to restore your clothing item.

Always use a padded hanger:

Treat your suede and leather garments with care. Leather is notorious for its elasticity and if hung on a wood or metal hanger will stretch to accommodate the ends of the hanger, perhaps permanently. Be sure to double or triple up the number of hangers used to hang your garment if it is especially heavy, such as a full-length shearling coat. Incidentally, we are locally known for our exceptional care as shearling coat cleaners. Allow us to care for yours!

We are members of the Leather Apparel Association and are among an elite group of professional leather cleaners recommended on their website. We’ve specialized in leather cleaning for over 40 years, and have the expertise, state of the art equipment and professional training necessary to provide you with the best and safest leather cleaning and restoration service in the nation.