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Leather and Suede Deserve Special Care

Leather and Suede Deserve Special Care

Garments and accessories made from animal products are not immune to imperfections. These materials are as unique and distinct as the individual animals that are sourced to create them. Having a strong understanding and appreciation for these delicate fabrics is what sets us apart as a professional dry cleaning service.


Garments and accessories made from animal products are not immune to imperfections. These materials are as unique and distinct as the individual animals that are sourced to create them. Having a strong understanding and appreciation for these delicate fabrics is what sets us apart as a professional dry cleaning service.

While animal hides and furs were once used for practical purposes when ancient humans needed effective protection and warmth, the perception of these garments and accessories has drastically changed as time has gone on. They are now most commonly seen as luxury items. If you have leather, suede, and fur pieces in your wardrobe, you know they are exceptional and need to be preserved.

When animals are sourced to create clothing items, they are carefully and painstakingly vetted to ensure their quality. The fact that each animal’s skin has a unique look and feel makes the end product even more remarkable. Processes like leather dry cleaning and fur cleaning take technical skill and superior care, which are qualities we are proud to possess. The unique characteristics of each respective animal-based clothing piece are what we celebrate about these items.

If you’re looking for a luxury dry cleaning service for your fur, leather, suede, and shearling garments, you found the best dry cleaning service provider with Winzer Cleaners. There’s no need to search for “fur dry cleaners near me” or “best leather dry cleaning services” because you’ve already found the best in the business. You know that from New York City to Long Island, Winzer Cleaners has you covered.

In our almost 100 years in the industry, Winzer Cleaners has made a name for itself by providing superior services and unparalleled attention to detail. Your luxury clothing items are likely vintage and undoubtedly expensive, and that means you’ll do whatever it takes to keep them looking amazing. We’re here to help make sure that happens. We are delighted to extend our superb dry cleaning services to Long Island residents so that they can keep their cherished garments looking amazing.

As specialty, luxury dry cleaning experts, we have the experience and professional knowledge to ensure your leather, suede, and fur clothing items stay looking their best. While we use our techniques and tools to thoroughly clean your wardrobe pieces in-house, there are certain ways that you can actively take care of your beloved garments and accessories on your own. The following are key tips for people looking to protect their precious leather, suede, fur, and shearling items.


Never store these items in plastic coverings

Although you may believe that a plastic garment bag is a great way to protect and store your specialty clothing, it can actually do more harm than good. Even though these plastic coverings protect the garments from dust and dirt, they can be detrimental to the integrity of your clothing long-term. Suede and leather need to be able to breathe, and these coverings offer absolutely no circulation to the pieces. Fur storage and cleaning require the same due diligence. It takes a perfect balance between security and exposure to ensure that your specialty garments are protected.

When there are simple choices such as this that can exponentially increase the lifespan of your garments, there’s no reason not to make the change. This is why we utilize high-quality garment bags for all of our customers’ clothing storage needs. We believe in respecting these articles of clothing and holding them in high regard.


Avoid putting any adhesive on your garments

While there are a few more intensive techniques that can be used to restore damaged, faded leather and suede, it’s important to note that prevention is the best method for keeping your clothing items in great condition. If your suede or leather garments need dry cleaning services and restoration, it is nearly impossible to remove adhesive residue without diminishing the color of dyed pieces.

This also goes for fur cleaning. Although there are proven techniques for restoring fur clothing items, adhesive residue can do irreparable damage to the pieces. Fur cleaning and leather dry cleaning services that we provide at Winzer Cleaners are miles ahead of the competition, but it’s also important to be a responsible fur, leather, or suede owner.


If they get wet, allow your specialty garments to air dry in a cool environment

If you own leather, suede, or fur clothing pieces that are dry-cleaning only, you know that feeling of panic that sets in when the piece accidentally gets wet. While water damage is a very real threat to these specialty garments, your actions directly following an incident like this can be crucial in saving the piece. This isn't uncommon in Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut or New York City, as rainy weather or snow can be unpredictable and wreak havoc on delicate garments.

To minimize the amount of damage if your delicate garments get wet, you need to take careful steps immediately after the item is exposed to the elements. The first thing to note is that you have to let the garment air dry naturally. Your instinct may be to squeeze or ring-dry the piece, but this could exacerbate the issue.

The best thing to do is hand-dry the garment in a cool, dry area away from any heat source. Applying any sort of heat to the item is the absolute worst course of action you can take in an attempt to remedy the problem. Once the piece is fully dry, be sure to immediately consult our staff of dry cleaning service experts at Winzer Cleaners in Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut, and New York City. We can assess the damage and devise a plan for restoring the garment.


Always use a padded hanger for these items

Touching once again on storage and preservation, the choices you make when it comes to long-term storage for your luxury wardrobe are critical. Your closet should be a haven for your extravagant, delicate garments and accessories. This means that the way you store and display your clothing should be intentional and considerate of the garment’s specific needs.

The best way to hang your leather, suede, and fur clothing items is with a padded hanger. For leather and suede clothing care, you must be aware of the elasticity of this material. If you use a metal or wooden hanger for your leather and suede clothing, it will cause stretching and the item will end up becoming misshapen.

This is especially true because these garments are notoriously heavy due to the nature of the material. In cases of a particularly heavy leather jacket or suede pants, you can double or even triple up on the hangers you use.

Another notably heavy material is shearling. If you’ve ever owned a shearling coat, you know they’re heavy-duty and typically bring weight. We are locally renowned for our shearling cleaning and care services. If you’ve noticed damage or wear to your shearling garments due to improper storage, we’re here to help. Meet with our team of dry cleaning professionals in Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut, and New York City to make a plan of care for your shearling clothing.

These unique insights will empower you to keep your luxury wardrobe looking incredible for years to come. For over 40 years, we’ve specialized in leather cleaning services. We’re honored to have the tools, techniques, and expertise to keep leather clothing items safe. Our team of highly skilled professional Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut, and New York City dry cleaners have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best leather cleaning service in the nation.