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Table & Bed Linens

There Really Is Such a Thing as an Invisible Stain

Keeping your fine linen in pristine condition is no small task. We understand and appreciate fine linen. Our experts take their time to ensure that your items are cared for with the utmost attention. We only utilize mild detergents to ensure the life of your delicate linens. Each item is pressed by hand so that they look and feel like new.

For many, quality bed linens are imperative. Not only will a natural fiber, high-thread count sheet feel more comfortable and luxurious, but if treated with care, it can last for years. That is why, as part of Winzer Cleaners’ bed linen cleaning service, we treat every piece of bed linen individually. Our cleaning experts understand that your investment in the highest quality bed linen demands specialized attention. That is why we scrutinize each sheet and pillowcase to determine the best cleaning methods to employ for optimal results.

And yes, there truly is such a thing as an invisible stain. At Winzer Cleaners, we have seen every type of stain, and are experts at removing them without damaging delicate fibers or removing dyes. But we have one caveat: you must bring us the linen as soon as possible for our expert table linen cleaning services. The spill you think you have eradicated from your grandmother’s tablecloth left residual traces will likely oxidize over time into a permanent stain. The sooner our experts can treat the stain, the greater the likelihood we can completely remove it. Frankly, if Winzer’s experts cannot remove a stain, no one can!

Now, a word about Green Cleaning methods. Winzer was performing this service long before it became an industry buzz. Over one hundred years ago, Winzer Cleaners was among the pioneers of recycling, conserving, and wet cleaning decades before it has now become eco-fashionable. And we will continue this tradition long after conventional dry cleaners have abandoned it as too time-consuming. As part of our linen cleaning services, Winzer has committed to professional wet cleaning methods. Why? These are endorsed by none other than the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment Program. And if wet cleaning is good enough for the U.S. government, then it is good enough for Winzer Cleaners!

In fact, the Design for the Environment Program views professional wet cleaning as an environmentally friendly cleaning process that involves the use of water, soaps, surfactants, sizing, and other additives. As an added service for our clientele, we offer professional wet cleaning for those items suitable for the process.

As needed, we offer hydrocarbon (aka ‘organic’) cleaning using the most energy efficient and revolutionary process in the industry – IPURA. However, for both our bed linen cleaning services and our table linen cleaning services, the needs of the unique garment will determine the process we select.

You can entrust your heirloom tablecloth and Egyptian long-staple cotton sheets to our cleaning experts with confidence. Winzer Cleaners is proud to have been recognized for our overall efforts toward achieving environmental sustainability in the dry cleaning industry by the GREEN CLEANERS COUNCIL.  We are also proud to have been certified by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation as an ‘environmental dry cleaner’.

In professional dry cleaning, one name has stood alone for over a century: Winzer Cleaners. That’s why there is no reason to Google, ‘linen cleaning services near me’. Just ask your friends, relatives, and neighbors who their families have relied on for decades.

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