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Wedding Gowns Preservation

Treasured Gown

For many years brides have had their wedding gowns “preserved” in hopes that a
future daughter or daughter-in-law may wear their treasured gown.

Museum Quality Preservation Box

The most common preservation method used today is storage in a preservation box.  Fortunately, this preservation method has been perfected at Winzer Cleaners which is the preferred method to preserve heirloom gowns. Museum Method wedding gown preservation has its own distinct preservation benefits:



The box containing your treasured gown should be stored in an area where temperature and humidity are as constant as possible. An interior closet is generally the best place to insure these conditions. Avoid the attic or basement for extended storage as well as close proximity to heating ducts, cooling ducts or radiators.

Care in 2-3 years

Open and inspect your gown every 2 to 3 years. You will be inspecting for any discoloration or spots. Please contact Winzer if you are concerned about any of your observations. Be sure to examine the paper, protective layers as well as the cotton fabric. It is not necessary to remove the gown from the box during these inspections.

Handling during inspection

Prior to inspecting your gown, be sure to wash your hands with warm water and a small amount to baking soda. This will help to neutralize the acid in your skin.

Care in 10-15 years

It will be necessary, after 10-15 years, to wash the cotton liner and cover. Remove your gown, place it on a clean flat surface and launder the coverings. Carefully replace your gown when outer covering and liner are clean.