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Drapery Cleaning NYC

Your residence is a showplace, and its address reflects your station in life. At Winzer Cleaners, we understand that every item of its decor was carefully selected and curated in order to perfect the ambiance of your home. While you undoubtedly pulled out all the stops when decorating your home, choosing extravagant furnishings also meant committing to their regular maintenance and upkeep. For their dramatic impact alone, your draperies play a crucial role in establishing the tone of your home. You decided upon exquisite fabrics and materials for your drapes that made a commanding statement, thereby creating something refined and beautiful. But did you realize that these lavish, delicate materials are actually highly sensitive to their environment?

It is true, your draperies are susceptible to environmental contaminants. When your window coverings serve their purpose, they effectively block the sun rays as well as help to absorb Mother Nature’s seasonal temperature fluctuations. This means that your window coverings will assist to retain heat in the winter and to keep your home environment cool every summer. Unfortunately, long term, this is actually one of the leading causes of damage to your drapes. Draperies covering eastern-facing windows in particular tend to experience fading and discoloration much more quickly than western-oriented window coverings. Over time, the fibers can begin to degrade, leaving your draperies vulnerable to tearing. Taking note of specific details such as these can allow you to better maintain the quality of your draperies, as well as to preserve their integrity for years to come. Allow Winzer Cleaners, the same dry cleaners you have relied upon to maintain your investment wardrobes, to maintain your window coverings as well. We offer superior drapery cleaning in NYC and the TriState, and our services are always in high demand among the region’s most discriminating residents.

Speaking of sensitivity, woven fabrics are also a magnet for dust and allergens, including pet hair. That is why it is essential that periodically your draperies and window coverings are thoroughly cleaned. Think of Winzer’s drapery cleaning in New York as the services you require to help maintain your family’s good health. We recommend a checkup at least once a year!

It’s no doubt that your window treatments represent a sizable investment, so regularly assessing their condition is a key part of maintaining their fresh appearance and extending their service life. Regardless of the placement or length of your drapes, these are among the items that contribute to your home’s unique and personal appearance, so you will want to protect them.

Routine maintenance and drapery cleaning is essential for the continued ‘health’ of your window treatments. Our dry cleaning specialists and drapery cleaning experts are on-call to help you maintain the beauty and freshness of your window coverings. For the best drapery cleaning in NYC, you can trust Winzer Cleaners – chances are that your friends and neighbors already do! Be sure to ask about our additional in-home services, including rug and upholstery cleaning, to keep your residence fresh and inviting!