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The Fact is Winzer Was Green 100 Years Ago.

From day one, Winzer has been doing professional wet cleaning and recycling!

We've Been Doing This Before it Was

Since the inception of Winzer Cleaners,  we have been pioneers in recycling, conserving and wet cleaning long before it became eco-fashionable.

In today’s eco-conscious world, many cleaners claim to be ‘organic’ or ‘green’ in the hopes that it will appeal to consumers.

The fact is, there is no government sanctioned definition of ‘organic’ or ‘green’ dry cleaning. These cleaners are ‘green washing’ themselves. They are misleading consumers into believing they offer chemical free cleaning, and that is simply not true. As an educated consumer, you should know that while the USDA has standards for organic milk and other agricultural products, there are no such standards for claims regarding organic cleaners. Beware of cleaners who hang signs proclaiming they are ORGANIC. It is nothing more than advertising hype.

The US EPA’s Design for the Environment Program favors professional wet cleaning.

The US EPA’s Design for the Environment Program favors professional wet cleaning as an environmentally friendly cleaning process – and the process uses water, soaps, surfactants, sizing and other additives. As an added service for our clientele,  we do offer professional wet cleaning for those items suitable for the process.

We also offer hydrocarbon (aka ‘organic’) cleaning using the most energy efficient and revolutionary process in the industry – IPURA. And as always, the needs of the unique garment will dictate the process that we select.

Winzer Cleaners is proud to have been recognized for our overall efforts toward achieving environmental sustainability in the dry cleaning industry by the GREEN CLEANERS COUNCIL.  We are also proud to have been certified by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation as an ‘environmental dry cleaner’.

At Winzer, regardless of which process we select to clean your garments or households, they will always be returned to you ODOR FREE, with a beautiful feel, looking like new. Anything less than superior results simply wouldn’t meet our standards for excellence.