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Upholstery Cleaning Services

Winzer Cleaners knows that our clients value their homes and take particular pride in furnishing them to reflect both their taste and station in life. Its appearance speaks loudly to guests and visitors as well. What message does your leather and upholstered furniture send? Over time, many of us fail to notice that dirt and grime tracked in on our footwear has settled in the tufts of our favorite chairs and ottomans. Or that our family pets think that the leather couch is a member of their pack, and they lounge on its cushions until they hear your key in the door lock. It is true that odors settle in woven furnishings, however, those widely advertised aerosol sprays are not the answer. For the best upholstery cleaning in New York as well as the TriState, contact Winzer Cleaners.

Remember, for decades, Broadway shows have depended on Winzer Cleaners to keep their costumes and furnishings ready for ‘curtain up’! Our professionals bring that same level of care and professionalism to your home as part of our regular maintenance and cleaning services. Not only will your leather and wovens look and smell fresh, your premises will also appear brighter and cleaner as well. As an additional benefit, the service life of your favorite pieces will be extended through routine care. As previously mentioned, you may have used aerosol fresheners that claim to penetrate fibers and remove odors. That simply is not true. In fact, these sprays include alcohol which, when over sprayed, can remove the finish from many wood and metal pieces which often cannot be easily repaired. Before you consider searching online for “leather couch cleaning nyc”, “upholstery cleaning new york”, or “upholstery cleaning nyc”, just remember who is responsible for maintaining your investment wardrobe: Winzer Cleaners. Surely your fine furnishings deserve the same consideration and careful treatment?

When you contact the dry cleaning experts at Winzer, here is what you can expect. We will come to your residence and remove your furnishings, then return them refreshed and refurbished. Or, as desired, our team can perform our services in your home. The choice is yours. Remember, if the wardrobe masters and stage managers of major Broadway shows have trusted our professionals with maintaining heavy ruched silk curtains to vintage silk brocade armchairs, you can rely on our services as well. Winzer’s head interior technician has worked magic with home furnishings from draperies, furniture, and even rugs for over 40 years. We take particular pride in cleaning and restoring the finish of quality leather furniture including chairs, ottomans, and couches, no matter the style: mid-century modern, Victorian, or Chesterfield. Whatever your preference or requirements, our interior cleaning department will gladly schedule a free consultation to discuss your next cleaning project.