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Fur Dry Cleaning

Always considered a luxury item, wearing fur telegraphs to all onlookers that the wearer is a person of social standing. In short, they have ‘arrived’.

Fur is also one of the warmest materials and is highly prized in nations known for winters featuring sub-zero temperatures. Still others cherish a well-loved muskrat, seal, or even mink coat that has been handed down for generations to the women in their families.

However, fur can be very fragile and must be carefully maintained and stored to continue to provide future seasons of wear and enjoyment. If you are concerned about locating the best establishment to maintain your garment, do not waste any time Googling ‘fur cleaners near me’, or ‘fur dry cleaners near me’. Just contact Winzer Cleaners. Since 1908 we’ve been entrusted with the wardrobe care and maintenance of some of Broadway’s top shows, as well as the investment wardrobes and fur garments of Manhattan’s most discriminating residents.

Did you know? While mink is the most popular fur available today, the most expensive, and therefore coveted furs are sable, lynx, and chinchilla. Each of these furs have individual characteristics including a lush appearance, hand, and colorations that make each unique, extremely luxurious, and highly desired. It is a fact, wool, and even down cannot approach fur for warmth and protection against the arctic gusts that travel up and down Manhattan’s avenues.  Yet as Spring approaches, whatever type of fur garment graces your closet, you’ll want to take optimal care of it to ensure seasons of warmth and wear. The month of March is the best time to contact Winzer Cleaners about our fur cleaning and storage services.

Our fur cleaning and glazing experts have been extending the service life of your grandmother’s and mother’s furs for decades. Your family likely learned that properly maintaining a precious fur will protect and preserve it for not just one lifetime, but easily two, three, or more! That’s because Winzer Cleaners provides the most thorough cleaning and glazing methods that keep your precious garment looking vibrant and healthy. First we examine your fur carefully to assess if it requires any pre-cleaning repairs, such as a torn lining, missing findings, a broken zipper, or a cracked button. Next, your garment is lightly tumbled and vacuumed to safely remove dust and dirt. This is followed by a glazing process to enhance your fur’s natural luster and sheen. Think of it as conditioning for the individual strands. The result is a garment that looks brand new!

Winzer Cleaner’s fur cleaning professionals know that these garments require extra care from cleaning, glazing, and storage to maintain their lasting elegance. As for storage, we will retain your carefully packaged fur in our climate-controlled storage facility. You can store them until the next season or access them whenever you need them. When you’re ready to bring your fur out of storage, we’ll return your treasured possession straight to your closet, restored, clean and fresh as new.

By now you’ll know that searching online for ‘fur cleaners near me’, or ‘fur dry cleaners near me’ is pointless. You’ve already found the best fur dry cleaning and storage establishment in the New York TriState- Winzer Cleaners. We appreciate that your time is valuable, so be sure to contact us to arrange to have our truck come to you for pickup and delivery of your fur or for any dry cleaning requirements.