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Alterations, Tailoring, Reweaving & Repairs

Being clean and pressed is only one part of being well-groomed.

Alterations Tailoring Reweaving Repairs

Being clean and pressed is only one part of being well-groomed. Perhaps a more significant part is having your clothes fit you like a glove and be in perfect condition.  It’s the meticulous attention to details that separates Winzer from the rest.

Our staff of seamstresses and tailors keep your wardrobe in perfect order – from falling hems to sticky zippers to complete make-overs of favorite garments. They are at your disposal for all your tailoring and alteration needs..

Moth Holes, Rips, Snags, & Burns

These conditions demand reweaving, not a simple repair. That means you need the expertise of the professionals at Winzer.

Reweaving is a skill that requires knowledge, practice, patience and skill. It’s an art and, like most artistic pursuits, it’s been mastered by only a select few. At Winzer, we have 100 years of experience and expertise that have been passed down from generation to generation. While others may say reweaving is a lost art, we know it to be alive, well and being practiced every day at Winzer.

The two most popular reweaving services we offer are:

French Weave

Suitable for small areas of damage (1/4 - 3/8 of an inch diameter)garments are restored by replacing damaged threads individually.


This process is executes by transplanting a square of fabric from a hidden area of the garment (the hem, a pocket), and positioning it over the damaged area. The repair is completed by weaving the patch into the fabric thread by thread.

As you can imagine, either is a painstaking and time consuming process, but it’s a worthwhile investment if the garment is truly important to you. To learn more or for a free consultation contact us at (877) 946-9371 today.