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Caring For Down

Winzer Cleaners Strategy For Taking Care of Down

We offer some time tested strategies for proper care of down items.

Down's popularity through history

Feather beds and quilts were among the most treasured possessions brought through Ellis Island by turn of the century immigrants, but they weren’t popular among ‘the gentry’ until much later in the 20th century.

Veterans from the B-17 Bombers began bringing their down flying suits to Winzer for cleaning.  Olympic Gold Medalist (1928, 1932 & 1936) and movie star, Sonia Henjie with jump started Americans’ interest in winter sports, and the appearance of fur,  and later down ski wear,  became more and more common among the Winzer clientelle.

Storing Down

You want to take care to store your down comforter in a breathable bag – never plastic. Again, the one thing you must guard against is moisture and mildew. Store in a cool, dry place after annual cleaning.

Caring For Down.

While some down items provide washing instructions, it is generally accepted that virtually all home washers and dryers are unsuitable to properly process down items, particularly down comforters, blankets and quilts.

One popular down comforter brand’s washing instructions recommend manually running the washer and dryer in 30 second starts and stops, soaking for an hour, hand squeezing in between cycles and then constantly monitoring a two hour drying cycle. Since moisture and mildew are major concerns with down, great care must be taken to be sure it is thoroughly dry.

Professional wet cleaning or dry cleaning (depending on the age, condition and construction of the item) is the best way to guarantee that your down will be fluffy, puffy, dry and clean.

All down comforter manufacturers recommend you clean your down at least once a year.  This will extend the life of the product and keep it in pristine condition for use.