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Rugs, Upholstery, and Drapery Cleaning in NYC

At Winzer Cleaners, we’re proud to stand out in the industry by providing specialty services that go above and beyond the capabilities of traditional dry cleaners. Many of our long-term, cherished clients will tell you that they can rely on our team of cleaning professionals to keep the entire home looking amazing.

The following are some insights into the scope of our superior rug, drapery, and upholstery cleaning services as well as tips for home-care techniques you can practice.


Your draperies are susceptible to environmental contaminants

Your home decor was carefully selected and curated in order to perfect the ambiance of your home. While you undoubtedly pull out all the stops when decorating, choosing extravagant decor pieces means agreeing to regular maintenance and upkeep.

It goes without saying that your draperies play a crucial role in establishing the tone of your home. You went with only the best fabrics and materials for your drapes, and in doing so you created something beautiful. But did you know these lavish, delicate materials are actually highly sensitive to their environment?

When your window coverings do their job, they effectively block the sun and keep your home cool. Unfortunately, this is actually one of the main causes of damage to draperies over years of use. Draperies covering eastern-facing windows tend to experience fading and discoloration much more quickly than western-oriented window coverings. Taking note of specific details such as these can allow you to better maintain the quality of your draperies and preserve their integrity for years to come.

It's no doubt that your window treatments were a sizeable investment, so regularly assessing their condition is a key part of keeping them in good shape. Regardless of the placement or size of your drapes, they're what give your home a unique and personal touch, and you want to protect them.

Routine maintenance and drapery cleaning is essential for the health of your window treatments. Our dry cleaning specialists and drapery cleaning experts are on-call to help you maintain the beauty and freshness of your window coverings. For the best drapery cleaning services in NYC, you trust Winzer Cleaners every time.

Seeking superior rug cleaning services is a must

If your window coverings are vulnerable to environmental impacts, the same goes for your rugs and floor coverings. Professional rug cleaning is a non-negotiable for your home’s accent rugs. These essential decor pieces are a staple in your home and they are the finishing touch that completes a room. Expensive pieces are cherished decor items in your home, and you want to take care of them. When you’re investing your time and money hand-selecting these pieces, proper care is a must. For oriental rug cleaning and other professional area rug cleaning services near you, look no further than Winzer Cleaners.

This is especially true for larger area rugs. It can be a daunting, and nearly impossible task to take on area rug cleaning yourself. This is why trusting an experienced professional rug cleaning service like Winzer Cleaning is so crucial. The everyday wear and tear of life can have detrimental effects on your rugs, but it doesn’t stand a chance against our team of professional rug cleaners. We have the superior tools and techniques that allow us to keep your beloved rugs feeling clean and looking amazing.


Residential and commercial upholstery cleaners are an essential resource

When our clients, both commercial and residential, put their trust in our services, this is not something we take lightly. Your upholstered items like couches and chairs are among the soft surfaces that can hold the environmental pollutants that they are exposed to during day-to-day life. With over 40 years of specialization in upholstery cleaning, you can put your entire trust in our team for your upholstery cleaning needs.

Furniture cleaning requires deep knowledge and understanding of a vast array of fabrics and materials. Whether you’re looking for a routine touch-up or stain removal and repair, trust our team of professional upholstery cleaning experts. Our team has undergone extensive training and has decades of experience under their belts. These combined factors allow us to be a standout resource in the upholstery cleaning industry. If you’re worried about your vintage furniture pieces or delicate upholstery materials like silk or suede, trust the professionals to get the job done right.