Draperies & Rugs Upholstery

Your Draperies are Very Sensitive to Their Environment

We have cleaned everything from Broadway curtains to vintage silk chairs. Our head interior technician has been cleaning drapery furniture and rugs for over 40 years. We can clean almost any item in your home or, if you prefer, we can remove and expertly reinstall it if that is your preference. Please contact our interior cleaning department to schedule a free consultation for your next cleaning project.

Regular Maintenance of your draperies will help to prolong their useful life.

We recommend routine vacuuming with the dust brush on your vacuum every 3-4 months and professional cleaning every 2-3 years for standard draperies and every year for sheers. Periodic cleaning will remove the harmful effects of months of exposure to cooking fumes, dust, tobacco smoke and other environmental pollutants. The team at Winzer Cleaners are drapery cleaning experts and offer complete drapery cleaning services, including the removal and rehanging of even the most intricate window treatments.