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Summer Brides – Plan to Have Your Wedding Dress Dry Cleaned by Winzer Cleaners

While June is traditionally the month that the majority of brides say ‘I do’, today the entire summerscape through Labor Day has become increasingly popular. That may be due to the trend towards the unusual reception locales, as well as interest in having both the ceremony and reception entirely outdoors. In the New York area alone, there are hundreds of wedding venues and thousands more non-traditional locations that increasing numbers of New York brides are opting for on their special day. While this way of thinking leads to a unique occasion to be enjoyed by the bridal couple and their guests, all too often it takes a toll on the bride’s wedding finery. Do not be dismayed. Simply send, arrange to have your gown picked up, or bring your dress to our experts. Winzer Cleaners offers the finest wedding dress cleaning in NYC. Our services have cleaned and restored generations of New York brides’ wedding gowns. It would be our pleasure and an honor to consult with you about cleaning and preserving yours.

Summer weddings can pose a host of issues and wear to wedding finery. Even if the reception is indoors, most wedding photography is not. Everyone knows that summer days in Manhattan can be hot and humid. Sweat stains in linings are inevitable. Outdoor festivities lend themselves to producing dirt and grime issues that can saturate the fibers of any floor-length gown. Ground-in dirt can darken a hemline and train, and while difficult, are not impossible to remove. Winzer Cleaners’ experts can route almost any stain from any type of gown by carefully employing the right processes that will not damage any type of fabric. Our attention to detail and superb customer service are two reasons why we are renowned throughout the region and beyond for the most meticulous wedding dress cleaning in NYC.

Brides from all across the country will consult with our staff, then send us their gowns. If you are fortunate enough to live near our location, we will send our truck out to your residence to pick up and deliver your pristinely cleaned and, upon request, skillfully preserved gown. Perhaps your dress is a family heirloom or a treasure found in a vintage store. Consider Winzer’s range of bridal services, which include masterful alterations and repairs so your wedding gown fits to perfection and elicits only the highest praise and admiration from your family and guests. As you begin your married life, and send us your gown for cleaning, be sure to ask about our preservation services. The care and detail extended to every gown we assess and preserve are exceptional. The result is a gown worthy of handing down through the generations while serving you once again at a future vow renewal ceremony. A lot of thought and planning has gone into the day of your wedding.

Be sure to consult Winzer Cleaners with your questions regarding wedding dress cleaning. In NYC, there are many dry cleaning establishments, but only one Winzer Cleaners. For optimal results before and after your wedding day, discriminating brides will not settle for anything less!