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Professionally Cleaning Your Table Linens Ahead of the Holidays

elegant table linens on dinning table

Fall and Winter have many holidays that celebrate these seasons across many cultures. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, and rounding out the end of winter, there’s Ramadan and St. Patrick’s Day. Most of these joyous occasions call for a gathering of family and friends around a dining table. However, many of us only use our table linens at this time, the rest of the year they are likely stored in a drawer. When we take them out to lay our tables, we are often disappointed to find that they do not smell fresh, and for some, a few stains may have come to light. That’s when you’ll want to have Winzer Cleaners on speed dial. Just call us regarding our table linen cleaning service and we’ll come by and collect your linens. These will be professionally treated, and promptly returned in time for your festivities.

Whether your tablecloth and napkins were handed down from your grandparents, were gifted as a wedding present, or were purchased from a department store, the professionals who provide Winzer Cleaners’ table linen cleaning services will carefully scrutinize your items to determine their fabric as well as condition. Should there be an issue that cannot be resolved (such as removing certain types of stains that may cause the dye to also be lifted during the process) you will be appraised before work commences. Next, stains will be treated, if there are holes, tears, or frayed hems, these will also be addressed. At Winzer Cleaners, we know that our discriminating clients want to make a great impression upon their guests and impeccable table linens, as support players, will set the stage for a memorable occasion.

For well over 100 years, New Yorkers have entrusted Winzer Cleaners’ table linen cleaning services, and you should too. We place the same professional attention on every item we receive, whether it is crafted from heavy linen, jacquard or damask, satin, velvet, cotton, and/or blends. We are not challenged by lace and embellished napery, either. It is true that the composition of each item, as well as its age, will determine the process our professionals use to ensure an optimal outcome. Your tablecloth and linens will be cleaned at the same time so that there will be no variance or perceptible color shifts. It is that attention to detail that has made Winzer Cleaners the dry cleaners of choice by our clients who not only entrust our experts with the care of their household goods, but also with their investment wardrobes, couture clothing, bridal, and evening wear.

One question we will ask is if you prefer to have your table linens returned in a box, or on a hanger. Either way, your tablecloth and napkins will be returned to you smelling fresh, looking absolutely pristine, and having been treated as if they belonged in the White House. Maintaining your table linens so that they retain their flawless appearance, looking as new as the day you purchased them, is our secondary goal. The first is to provide the utmost in table linen cleaning services to exceed our most discriminating clientele’s expectations. We set the bar and our standards high for each and every one of our clients and for every garment or household item we receive for cleaning.

With that criteria, why would you entrust your finest tableware to anyone else? To learn more, or to prepare your table for the holidays, contact Winzer Cleaners today!