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Is it Better to Steam Clean or to Dry Clean Draperies?

furniture in living room in front of living room drapery

It is the rare household that does not have fabric window coverings, and these often represent a sizable investment. Depending on their length, the material they are made from, and how many windows are draped, the cost for the draperies alone can represent thousands of dollars. Even if yours are from a discount store, you’ll want to maintain them so they perform their task dependably season after season. To extend their service life, you should know that these window coverings need to be maintained at least twice a year, more if you have pets, anyone who smokes, or you use your fireplace regularly. The next question is, “What is the best way to clean your fabric window coverings?” There are many factors that will help you and Winzer Cleaners to determine which is the best cleaning method for your draperies. Our services for drapery cleaning in New York are unmatched, and we invite you to contact our professionals for a consultation.

Steam cleaning and dry cleaning are the two preferred methods for drapery cleaning. In New York alone there are hundreds of dry cleaning establishments, but for over 80 years, Manhattan’s most discriminating residents have turned to Winzer Cleaners to maintain the soft furnishings in their homes as well as their wardrobes. Your curtains and draperies are a very important furnishing detail in many of our residences, however, they are magnets for dust, pollen, pet hair, odors, as well as mold and bacteria. When it is time to clean your window coverings, our experts will ask several questions — what material are the curtains made from? Are they lined, if so, with what material? Are there any attached embellishments such as lace, sequins, or beads, and if so, are these glued or sewn? Are there any noticeable stains? When was the last time these were cleaned? Your answers will determine if we advise that you have our experts come to your home and steam clean your draperies in place, or arrange to collect them, and take them to our premises for dry cleaning.

If your draperies are lined, or made from delicate fabrics such as silk, silk blends, chiffon, are embroidered, or have embellishments, then these draperies require dry cleaning to avoid damage and shrinkage. We use solvents to remove any stains, so dyes will not run. After dry cleaning, your draperies will be sanitized and deodorized to be fresh and germ-free. We will ask you if you wish them to be returned on hangers or boxed. Another plus — the return trip is without cost!

If you opt to have our professionals arrive at your home to steam clean your draperies in place, be aware that it will take several hours for the fabric to dry. When it does, however, your curtains and drapes will be completely sanitized and free of pollutants, germs, and bacteria. Why not freshen your home during the cold weather so that all your soft furnishings are fresh, clean, and sanitized.

When you contact Winzer Cleaners regarding our drapery dry cleaning in New York and the TriState, be sure to ask about our upholstery, and rug-cleaning services as well. For a pristine, inviting home, be sure to call Winzer Cleaners today!