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How to Effectively Clean Your Bed Linens

The short answer is: for effective cleaning every time, bring your bed linens to Winzer Cleaners. You may think that the most efficient way to clean bed linens and save money is by tossing your sheets and pillowcases into your washing machine, and then into the dryer at medium to high heat. This is actually the best way to shorten your investment bedding’s service life. Whether your linens are made from high-thread count natural fibers, or are a set of percale from a big box store, they represent an investment, one that, if treated carefully, will last for years. At Winzer Cleaners, as part of our bed linen cleaning services, each piece of your bedding is treated individually. When we receive it, we assess each piece to determine if any stains, tears, or pre-cleaning repairs must be made. At this point, the best cleaning methods to use for an excellent result will be determined.

What can be more relaxing than sinking into your four-poster fitted with clean bed linens for the night? Your sleep will not only be restful but also without concern for allergies as Winzer Cleaners pioneered green cleaning methods decades before “going green” meant more than choosing a wall color. If you are still on the fence, know that Winzer Cleaners’ professional wet-cleaning methods have been endorsed by a division of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Our bed linen cleaning services, primarily incorporate water, soaps, surfactants (a substance that reduces its surface tension to increase its spreading and wetting properties), and sizing to produce optimal results. Another cleaning process we employ as needed is organic cleaning, which uses hydrocarbons, and is both an energy-efficient and revolutionary industry process known as IPURA.

It does matter where you bring your bedding to be cleaned, and Winzer Cleaners’ bed linen cleaning services are exceptional. Whatever process our experts select to clean bed linens, you can be assured that we always employ the highest standards to exceed your expectations. Winzer Cleaners’ dedication has not gone unnoticed. Our efforts towards achieving environmental sustainability in the dry cleaning industry have been recognized by the Green Cleaners Council. This National non-profit organization is dedicated to promoting organic cleaning methods throughout the dry cleaning industry and heralding companies that uphold green cleaning practices. In addition, Winzer Cleaners has been certified by the New York State of Environmental Conservation as an “environmental dry cleaner”.

By this time, you will have realized that Winzer is more than a cut above the bed linen cleaning services that are available at your local dry cleaners. For over a century, Winzer Cleaners have been the “toast of Broadway”, a tradition that continues today as Wardrobe Managers entrust entire cast costumes to our professionals to maintain their luster and ‘peak performance” throughout every theatrical run. Chances are your family, friends, as well as your social and business acquaintances have relied on Winzer Cleaners’ professional cleaning and tailoring services to maintain their homes and wardrobes. We invite you to join them by contacting our experts today!