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How Soon After Your Wedding Should You Get Your Dress Cleaned?

bride holding flowers at her wedding

The dress you’ve dreamed about owning, no, make that wearing, on the happiest day of your life, is now draped over a chair in your bedroom, as it is too big to fit in your closet. Your wedding day has come and gone. When you return from your honeymoon, you look at your bridal finery and think, now what? You love it, but your dress has evolved from a key element of your wedding day, to a memento of that time. Your bridal gown also represents a considerable monetary investment and should be cleaned and preserved for future use, by yourself celebrating an anniversary, or your daughter or granddaughter. Winzer Cleaners, renowned for over 115 years of wedding dress cleaning in NYC, has this advice for new brides. Call it our Wedding Gown Maintenance 101 Guide.

We sincerely hope that if you spilled beverages or food on your gown at your reception, you refrained from attempting to clean it yourself. Rubbing a stain will only set it into the gown’s fabric. Scrubbing a stain as well will raise any nap the woven material may have. Hopefully, if food or liquids were spilled, you daubed any moisture or oil with a clean white tissue, handkerchief, or napkin. Wedding dresses are delicate, especially those with lace, beadwork, embroidery, or other embellishments. Even if you have been exceptionally careful while eating and drinking, the hem and/or train of your garment is likely grimy with soil from being dragged over numerous surfaces including grass, dirt, cement, and even marble. While at any time, Winzer’s bridal services wizards can work their magic and restore your garment’s luster, the best time to have your bridal gown cleaned is as soon as possible after the wedding.

If your big day still looms in the near future, after the reception, why not arrange to have your maid of honor or family member drop off your gown or arrange to have it picked up by Winzer Cleaner’s experts? This way, we can assess and determine the best course of action to clean your dress while you are enjoying your honeymoon. We’ll take careful notice of any missing buttons, beads, snagged lace, torn linings, or broken zippers and make any necessary repairs prior to cleaning. Our bridal professionals will also locate any stains and make note of what caused them. This way the best techniques and methods can be used to route the stains, then clean and restore your gown to like-new condition.

Winzer Cleaners is not only sought after by Manhattan’s most discriminating brides for wedding dress cleaning. In NYC, there is the expectation that your wedding dress holds sentimental value and that at a future event, it will be proudly worn again. Towards that end, we recommend our wedding gown preservation services. Once your treasured bridal dress has been thoroughly cleaned, pressed, and steamed to its original condition, preservation is the best option to ensure its integrity for future use. Our experts will gently fill the garment with acid-free tissue, encase it in an archival box, then cover the box itself with muslin. This technique prevents air from oxidizing the gown fabric, altering its color over time, and weakening the fabric fibers. The box can easily be stored on a closet shelf or under a bed until it is again worn to commemorate an anniversary, or in celebration of your family’s next generation’s wedding day.

Wedding dress cleaning in NYC is an art form that has been perfected by the bridal experts at Winzer Cleaners. If your big day has passed, do not hesitate to contact us to explore your bridal gown cleaning and preservation options together. Contact us today!